Album Review: TWENTY88 – Big Sean & Jhené Aiko


For fans of Big Sean and Jhené Aiko, like myself, it is no surprise the two of them decided to join forces for a full-length project. The Detriot rapper and L.A. songstress have collaborated many times in the past on tracks like “Beware,” “I Know,” and “Stay Down,” which showcases their undeniable chemistry. Each of their collaborations has explored many themes including sex, love, lust, and relationships. These themes and many others are spread out over the course of their self-titled eight-track EP TWENTY88 and gives listeners a male and female perspective.

TWENTY88 traces the highs and lows of a fantasy relationship created by the duo. The “couple’s” complicated history unfolds over productions that combine ‘70s soul, ‘90s R&B, and minimal trap beats. Key Wayne, Detail, and Tommy Brown are the main producers that helped Big Sean and Jhené Aiko’s crazy “love story” come to life.

TWENTY88 starts off immediately showcasing the “couple’s” and their inability to be in a relationship with “Déjà Vu.” “I know you been working way too hard/And hardly get to play/Fell off in the sheets/And it felt like we ain’t even skip a day,” Big Sean raps about reuniting with Jhené. He goes on to pick her about past with lines “Where does the time go, you just had a baby/You had a new man, and you just separated/Back on the scene and you already faded/No shame in that girl, you need the escaping.” Jhené fires right back with, “Do it my way with you/Cause I stuck around for ya/When you’re a** wasn’t doing sh*t/But running around the D/Wrapping nothing but the mother**king swisher sweets.” Throughout the EP listeners hear a lot of back-and-forth between the “couple.” They sing to each other on “Selfish” and after the bickering comes the make up sex on the steamy track “Push It.” After all of arguing and fighting, TWENTY88 ends with a the “couple” declaring their love for one another with “London Bridge.”

The contrast of songs and themes explored in TWENTY88 shows how love is complicated and how it makes us do things and act in ways we cannot understand. TWENTY88 shows the vulnerability of Big Sean and Jhené Aiko, which is something most artists do not do. For this reason, the album is a ten out of ten. TWENTY88 is worth taking a listen to not only because of the honesty but the rawness.

TWENTY88 is available now on iTunes and other streaming music websites. Give it a listen and get caught into Big Sean and Jhené Aiko’s fatal love affair.


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