The Importance of Supporting Your Friends


One of the best feelings in the world is to take something you are passionate about and turn it into a platform. Whether it’s creating a blog, making an album and streaming it on SoundCloud, or writing your first novel, it is a rewarding feeling knowing your idea evolved into something bigger than you could have imagined. Yet no matter how proud you are of yourself, it is hard taking your craft to the next level without support, specifically from the people in your circle.
It is so very important to support your friends and their goals because it is the backbone of every friendship. Not supporting your friends and their craft will only lead them to believe that you’re not listening to them. All the nights they spend raving about their project will turn into them believing you don’t actually care about their passion or success, in spite of how much you say you do. You may not realize it, but your support is pivotal to your friend’s success. This is why it is a requirement to have your friend’s back through it all.

Here a couple of ways you can show your friend you support them:

  1. Promote – Promoting on social media is probably the best thing you can do as a friend. It’s a simple gesture but it lets everyone who follows you know that they should take interest. Reposting your friends’ ideas gets the word out for the entire world to see. You never know what could arise from the outside world seeing your friend has several people who believe in their idea. It could blossom into something bigger down the line.
  2. Encourage them – Trying to get an idea to flourish is hard. Majority of the time, your friend probably thinks their idea sucks and won’t jump off the way they want it to. Encouraging them and being their personal cheerleader can change that. Letting them know you’re there through the ups and downs makes a huge difference.
  3. Give them ideas – Making suggestions to your friend, surprisingly, works. It shows them that you are trying to help them reach their potential. Constructive criticism is key to support. Your friend (hopefully) won’t take offense and will realize your criticism and ideas will push their idea to the next level.
  4. Actually listen/read/view their idea – None of the previous three tips will make any sense if you don’t listen to, read, or view your friend’s idea. In my opinion, this matters the most. It will show your friend, you are really beside them every step of the way. Simply saying, “I liked your post” or “That new song you wrote is nice” does inspire and motivate someone to do better. Sometimes, your friend needs validation that you care about them succeeding. Listening, reading, or viewing their idea will give them the validation they need.

Supporting your friends should come second nature. It should not be an afterthought. If you can support someone you don’t even know and give them all the praise, there should be no reason why you can’t support your friend. It may take a while for their idea to skyrocket but standing by them through it all will go a long way. Your friend won’t forget you being there when their small idea turns into something major.


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