Dear Employers: Stop Promoting the Wrong Employees


I have been an employee for the company I work for almost three years. I’d like to say that I am good at what I do. I am always lending a helping hand, going above and beyond, exemplifying excellent customer service with our customers, and being a leader when management is not around. These qualities made me believe I was the perfect candidate to move into a leadership position. I held my head high and applied for the position with praises and strong recommendations from my managers. But I never got called for an interview or received an email response about the status of my interest in the position. A week later, someone else was given the position, someone who did not receive the high recommendations as I did and who was not a top performer. Once I found out, I spent days trying to understand why I didn’t get the position and beating myself up. I’m great at what I do, I’m a top performer, and my recommendations were great. I know I was a great candidate, so, why didn’t I get the position but the other, the unqualified person, did?

Over the last three years, I noticed I was not the only person being misled about being promoted. I watched several close co-workers of mine get overlooked for positions they should have been considered for. Other people were given the positions who were not qualified and only wanted the promotion for the title, for the fun of it. I still did not understand where the translation was lost and why the people who need to be the positions, aren’t given the opportunity they rightfully deserve. Finally, after being rejected another time, it hit me.

The work force, unfortunately, has turned into a political game. Now, it is not about what you know or how qualified you are, it’s about who you know, what you are willing to do in order to get the position you want, and who looks the part. This is very disheartening for people, like myself, whose integrity is everything to them. I was taught that hard work goes a long way, that if you push yourself, are a great asset to the company, and a leader even when you are not asked to be one, your managers will recognize and see you are an ideal candidate for a higher position. Instead, the work force has resorted to kissing ass and being shady and shyiesty in order to make your way to the top. Kissing ass is by far the dumbest thing I have ever heard. What happened to doing your best in order for you to get where you want to go in life and in your career? Nowadays, it’s a gimmick. In no way shape or form should anyone have to step outside of who they are and pretend to be something they are not in order to move up in a company.

Promoting underserving people is not motivational to the company’s employees. It makes employees become resentful and hate coming to work, which in turn increases the possibility of them leaving. Companies are supposed to retain their employees like they do their customers, not drive them away. Also, promoting underserving people is like a slap in the face. You work your butt off, representing the company in the right and respectable manner. You exceed expectations all for it to be handed, not earned, to someone who does not nearly perform like you do. It is sickening and scary that the work force has come to this. It does not allow those deserving of promotions any opportunity to grow and it should never be this way.

Employers just because someone looks the part does not mean they are fit for the part. In spite of you may think, the person who deserve the promotion is the right fit. Yes, have your hesitations and reservations but know they will not disappoint you and will make you proud in the end.


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