Keep Your Private Life off Social Media


Each morning I do my daily scroll through my social media timelines I read about someone’s current life story. These posts range from someone bashing their baby daddy to complaining about being single. While I get a good ki from reading these posts, I always think, “Why are they always putting their business on social media?”

Social media has become so important over the past couple of years that people have lost the art of privacy. It is understandable to be more open to share your personal life in your adolescent years. It’s an unspoken thing as an adolescent. But as you get older, things you used to share need to become private. As much as you want to share your world with everyone, it is not always the best idea. We add fuel to the fire by the information we share and are forced to deal with the repercussions. You may say you don’t care about what others think of you, but deep down you know you do.  You know you don’t want to be the topic of discussion at a nasty session from a table full of tea spilling friends.


It is important to think before you post. Be smart in choosing what you should and should not share. Here’s a list of things of I think you should keep off your social media:

  1. Drama between friends and significant others
    • It is my number one pet peeve to log on to social media and see Petty Betty and Shady Sandy are airing their falling out or Stevie J. and Joseline 2.0 are arguing yet again all over social media. This is a huge no-no. Whatever happened needs to stay between the two of you. Letting your friends and followers in on the drama is wrong and causes outsiders to become involved and choose sides. When this happens, you open yourself up to the opinion of others. It only ends up doing more damage to the friendship/relationship and makes it harder for you to forgive each other. Be mature and keep in the drama in house.
  1. Personal business
    • Social media is not a place where you should share your personal business. Your friends and followers do not need to know you how you feel about your ain’t shit baby daddy or your sexual encounter the night before (unless you have a Tumblr account). Personal business is personal for a reason. It is not meant to be shared with the world. Get you some friends that will let you rant and vent to about the things going on in your life. They can provide you honest feedback and insight on how to approach personal situations. Trust me, your friends will understand more than that one follower who liked your picture and you see in person but don’t speak to.
  1. Big purchases (House, Car, Shoes, etc).
    • We all get super excited when we are blessed enough to purchase our own house, car, or the Jordan’s everybody wanted but couldn’t get. Because we get so excited our first thing to do is share it with social media. I am very much guilty of this and still do it from time-to-time. We want our friends and followers to know we have made a big step into adulthood or that we worked hard and paid for something we really wanted. But by doing this, we allow people to pass judgement. Sometimes you can’t let everyone know about your blessings. Instead, let people find out about your glow up when they see you. Let them gag in front of you not behind closed doors.
  1. Your Relationship
    • Proceed with caution when sharing your significant other on social media. Don’t share everything about relationship because your relationship isn’t everyone’s business. What you go through, whether good or bad, should only be shared and figured out between the two of you. Having too many eyes and ears in your relationship, especially from social media, is toxic and does more harm than good. Keeping your relationship private assures the two of you are about each other and not the validation from social media. If you decide to share your relationship anyway, know that there are consequences to sharing intimate details about your relationship on social media. You may not see it now because you love bae and you just have to let people know you are in a relationship. But realize, if it does blow over and you break-up, it will be harder for you to pick up the pieces and move on. The most successful relationships happen when you grow and love in private. That’s real #relationshipgoals.
  1. Your Relationship Status
    • Sharing your relationship status is one of the main things you shouldn’t do. If you spend almost all of your time on social media complaining about the fact that you are not booed up, know that your entire timeline, including myself, are rolling their eyes at you. We all know you are only constantly talking about being single so someone will respond and tell you what you want to hear. It is not cute, sis. It makes you sound desperate for attention and opens up the potential for the next person you are involved with to take advantage of you. Keep your feelings off social media and take it to God. He’ll give you more answers than the friends and followers who don’t really know you. Also, if you and the person you are “talking” to are not official, do not, I repeat, DO NOT share details or a picture of them on your social media. It won’t push them to make it official, it will push them away. As I stated in my last point, grow and get to know each other in private. Surprise the world when it actually becomes official.

You don’t need to tell everyone every little thing you do, every emotion you feel, or everything that’s going on in your life. Create mystery. Have your social media followers pressed to find out what you are up to. Glow up and move in silence. Believe me, you will be blessed even if the world never sees or hears about it.


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