It’s 2017. Shaming People for Buying Jordan’s is Played Out


Every Jordan release, whether big or small, I always see someone shaming people for buying retro Jordan’s. My social media timelines are full of memes like this:

These memes, amongst many others, get under my skin because I faithfully buy Jordan’s. I am one of the people who get up early and log online at the precise time to add the shoes to my shopping cart and checkout. I get frustrated and become salty when I don’t get the Jordan I want and secretly hate on the person I see wearing them a few days later. But even if I weren’t a faithful Jordan buyer, I’d still buy Jordan’s. Why? Because I can! If I want to spend money that I earned and worked hard for on a $200 pair of shoes, that’s my business. Why do you care so much about what I do with my own money? If I have enough money to pay all my bills, eat, and put gas in my car and still indulge in buying Jordan’s, then I don’t see what the big deal is.

The problem I have with shaming people for buying Jordan’s is failing to remember that Jordan’s are just like every other tangible product on this earth. There are thousands of other things people fight for, it’s just not publicized as much as Jordan’s are. For example, when a highly anticipated video game is released, video game lovers line up at early hours and go berserk trying to buy the game. The same notion goes for cell phones, clothes, make-up, and several other things. It’s the way our society operates. We want to stay up-to-date and be on time with the latest fads of our areas of interests.

Buying Jordan’s or anything that you would like to have requires budgeting. You figure out the necessary steps you need to take in order to make an investment. You make sacrifices (hopefully not huge ones like not paying child support or rent because that’s just stupid) and find a way to get what you want in your hands. This concept has been around for years and isn’t going away anytime soon.

My point is that people want what they want. It isn’t anyone’s business or right to judge what people invest their money in. For me, buying Jordan’s is a part of who I am. I have been a sneaker head since I was young. That love for sneakers didn’t just secretly disappear as I got older. I didn’t want it to, which is why I still buy and invest in sneakers I want. Especially Jordan’s.

Everyone may not be like me in their love for sneakers and Jordan’s. They may just like the way the shoe looks on their feet or want to keep up with the fads. But it doesn’t excuse someone to shame them for their decisions.

The people who shame probably secretly want to buy Jordan’s but are too “woke” to admit it. But I digress.

Mind your business about what folks do with their money and carry on. The world will be a much better place when we stop worrying about what people have going on in their lives.


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