‘Girls Trip’ : A Reminder to Keep Your Girlfriends Close


From the moment I saw the movie trailer for Girls Trip, I knew it would be great. But great isn’t even the best word to describe how amazing the film is. If black girl magic could be described in one way, referencing Girls Trip would suffice. I laughed the entire time, danced, and sung along. Seeing Girls Trip and all its references to black culture not only made me proud to be black but also proud to be a black woman. After the film was over, all I wanted to do was plan a trip with my girlfriends and reconnect with them.

Girls Trip follow four college friends who have not connected with each other in five years. They decide that five years is too long to be without seeing each other and go on a weekend trip to the Essence Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana. Through a series of drunken nights, a career crisis, bad marriage, and sexcapade, the four women realize their sisterhood is too important and precious to let another five years go by without seeing each other.

The entire film, I could not stop thinking about the overall theme of Girls Trip. In many ways, the film’s message to black women is to never let life get in the way of you staying close to your girlfriends. Often times, as black women, we get caught up in our careers and family life that we don’t make time for anything outside of that. Sadly, hanging out with our girlfriends is one of the things we brush to the side. Days, weeks, months, and years pass by. The times you partied all night long, got drunk, stayed up late talking, laughed, and cried seem like ages ago and are no longer in reach.

This unfortunate cycle reminded me a lot of my line sisters and me. In undergrad, we were inseparable. We would spend hours laughing out the dumbest things, spilling tea, crying about our failed relationships, insecurities, or the troubles of our academics. As we all started to graduate and move all over the country, those moments started to become rare. But I make it my obligation to stay in touch and visit them as much as I can because I know when we get together, I can be my true self and we will pick up right where we left out. We may spend a lot of time apart, just like Dina, Lisa, Ryan, and Sasha did in Girls Trip, but when we get back together it is nothing but love and fun times.

Girls Trip is a reminder to keep the love you have your girlfriends strong. Never let time be an excuse to not talk to your girlfriends. Life is too short to let small arguments and grudges get in the way of you being with your girls. Your girlfriends are your backbone, your right hand, your go to, the women who will be there to uplift and support you through it all. Keeping them close will help you through the tough times and push you to be the best person you can be.

Black women, I charge you to reach out to your girls and plan a trip. Even if it’s a small get together, start working on a plan to get you and your girls together. Remind yourself that your girlfriends are the one thing in your life that should matter the most. As Regina Hall’s character Ryan said in the film, “Our girlfriends are our constant.”  I could not agree more.

 Movie Still from Girls Trip Movie Still from Girls Trip


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