2017 Grammys Recap


Out of all of the music award shows the Grammys is my favorite. Not only do I get to listen and cheer for my favorite artists and songs, I also get to discover music from others I have never heard of before. I love the tributes to those who have gone on, the live performances, and the fashion. Because of this, I have high expectations for the Grammys every year. This year’s Grammys exceeded my expectations. It was an evening full of high energy, great music and performances, and a huge step up from last year’s show.

The opening

I loved Adele’s performance. Her vocals were tight and she looked gorgeous. But I don’t think she should not have been the opening performer. “Hello” wasn’t the best song selection to open the show. The show should have kicked out with something up-beat to get the audience and viewers at home adrenaline pumping.

I didn’t care for James Corden’s opening either. The pretending to fall down the stairs and losing his shoe thing was too much and has been done before. His rap was cute, but, as I just said, I’ve seen it done before. Nonetheless, James Corden was a great host.


The Weeknd sounded good, even looked good, but the performance was boring. For “I Feel It Coming” to be such a smooth groovy track, it was disappointing The Weeknd had no stage presence.

Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood had great chemistry on stage. Their performance was nothing less than amazing. Ed Sheeran’s performance was another highlight  for the night. “Shape of You” has easily become one of my favorites songs of 2017 so far. I love his quirkiness. It fits him and his music.

As always, Beyoncé came to slay not to play. Her performance was sensual and breathtaking. Her set went perfectly with “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles.” Hate her all you want, but the lady knows how to put on a performance and is a great entertainer. I mean, that is the point of the Grammys anyway.

Bruno, Bruno, Bruno. MY GOD!! His performance was L I T. Vocals were A1, dance moves were sharp and clean, and the live band was rocking it. “That’s What I Like” is my favorite song from his album so I was literally screaming the whole time. By the end of the performance I was slain in the spirit.

Katy Perry had a good performance as well. Her new single “Chained to the Rhythm” featuring Zip Marley is a different sound for her. I think her new direction into music is working for her. I also liked her political stance at the end by displaying the opening line of the United States constitution. Now more than ever, those in the spotlight need to come forth and make their stance known.

I had never heard of Maren Morris prior to the Grammys but she slayed her performance. She looked and sounded amazing. I might have to give her music a listen. The bad thing about Maren’s performance was Alicia Keys. She was not needed. I don’t know why the Grammys insisted on Alicia Keys joining Maren, but Maren would have done a stellar job without her.

Adele’s tribute performance to George Michael started off shaky and off-pitch. She noticed this and started over. I respect her for that. She wanted to do her best and give George Michael the tribute he deserved. It shows her humility. I love Adele even more for letting the world know there is nothing wrong with starting over, especially on live TV.

I’m not a Metalica fan simply because I don’t really listen to rock music, but their performance with Lady Gaga was filled with energy. The band rocked it out. Same for Sturgill Simpson. Whoever was playing the saxophone killed it.

The Bee Gees tribute performance was another highlight of the night. Demi Lovato, Tori Kelly, Little Big Town, and Andra Day did the songs by the Bee Gees justice.

A Tribe Called Quest … YES, YES, YES!! There are no words. Loved the performance and the statement they made. RESIST!! YES, BROTHERS!!

The Prince Tribute… MY GOD. Amazing. Wonderful. Beautiful. The Time and Bruno Mars did Prince justice, especially Bruno. From the moves to the outfit, the tribute was EVERYTHING. I went into a praise break again.

Just when I thought the Grammys couldn’t get any better, Chance the Rapper comes in and takes me to church once more. He proved just why he deserved to win Best New Artist and Hip Hop Album of the Year. Chance is standing firm on his faith and that one of the humblest things you can do being in the spotlight.

Award winners

Chance the Rapper won for Best New Artist and Best Hip Hop Album he deserved it. Don’t argue with me about it. I’m not surprised Twenty One Pilots won Best Duo/Pop Performance. “Stressed Out” was a great hit in 2016, but in my totally unbiased opinion, I think “Work” should have won that one.

I am on the fence about Lemonade winning Best Urban Contemporary Album and not ANTI. Both albums were the best so far by Beyoncé and Rihanna. They both show how much they have grown in music and within themselves. I don’t see how the academy was able to choose between the two.

I loved “Hello” when it first came out, but as the year went on the song just got on my nerves. I can’t even listen to it anymore. However, I think it deserved to win Song of the Year compared to the other songs in the category. I don’t think it deserved to win Record of the Year or Adele should have won Album of the Year. 25 was not her best album. 21 still holds that title. If we took at the body of work of the other albums that were nominated, Lemonade should have taken that. But I guess the Grammys felt Lemonade was too blunt and in your face to win.

Award losers (but should have won)

Rihanna didn’t win one Grammy. Not one. I am very surprised. I don’t think she should have won every award she was nominated for but Rihanna should have won at least one. 2016 was her year.

The small but stupid mistake

During a segment of the Grammys they recognized artists who have received the Lifetime Achievement Award. One of the artists who won was Pastor Shirley Cesar but the clip that was shown was not her. It was CeCe Winans. Really Grammys?! Yes, CeCe Winans is a gospel singer just like Shirley Cesar but she does not look nor sound like her. WE (BLACK PEOPLE) DO NOT ALL LOOK ALIKE. This common mistake is getting on my nerves and should not continue happen at every award show.


The Grammys were way better this year compared to last year. I think the political statements that were made had something to do with it. I enjoyed myself the whole time. I danced, I cried, I howled, and all in between. That’s what music is about. Making you feel so many different emotions in one setting and letting your voice be heard.



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